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Vision ONE Statico Ready To Race

Vision ONE - Static Modular "Ready to Race


Driving Simulator with the best peripherals on the market for a realistic and precise simulation, assembled and configured in our workshop, you will have to devote yourself exclusively to the driving experience at a professional level. The customer will choose the preferred configuration (Rally, GT, Formula or Endurance) and any customizations. 

Vision ONE is a modular and configurable product with an original and compact design, can be used in various racing or flight applications, and is suitable for game rooms and training facilities for professional pilots. Using a series of upgrades, including the 4DOF motion platform and dedicated accessories, a dynamic simulator for demanding pilots can be quickly built. 

Operation and Maintenance Manual, Starting Instructions, Warranty and Service.

  • Simucube Active e Passive pedals

    Tilton 600 series

    Wave Italy Force/Impetus

    Fanatec Club Sport Pedals all version

    Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC

    Heusinkveld Sprint/Pro/Ultimate

    HPP Pedals

    Insim Talento

    Thrustmaster T3PA/T-LCM pedals

    Logitech G27/G29 pedals

    Meca Cup Pedals

    Simagic P2000 Pedals

    Simtrecs ProPedal GT

    SimWorkx Pro Pedals

    VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals

    Sim-Lab XP1

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