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About Us

SimPRO Engineering® is an Italian company born thanks to the experience of its owner which began in 2012 in the field of Sim Racing which he arrived at after years of real competitions in the world of motorsport.

The Kwow How acquired over the years, testing every type of hardware peripheral and many software on the market, has outlined the company mission, to establish itself as a leader in the professional driving simulator sector.

The continuous design development with 3D CAD has allowed us to create simulators with very high quality standards both in terms of materials and design without ever forgetting safety and functionality.

Virtual racing represents a concrete and convenient way to immerse yourself in competition both at an amateur and recreational level and at a professional level to keep fit.

The SimPRO Engineering® driving simulators hit the mark for their intuitiveness and naturalness of use and can be configured for different motoring categories: GT, Endurance, Rally, Kart, Formula and Flight.

Professional driving simulators can be purchased for private use or for use in simulation centers around the world. Our simulators are designed and produced in Italy in compliance with the EU requirements regarding safety, health and environmental protection and are guaranteed according to current legal regulations.

The level of graphic detail and game physics are increasingly realistic, it is incredible to see the extent to which virtual racing has evolved, bringing the simulation experience to a real car racing experience.

You can purchase the most expensive driving simulator setup, but without knowledge, time and tuning, the virtual driving experience will not be rewarding.

The Company Brand and the design of our driving simulators are protected by Intellectual Property.

All products and contents of the Site are the exclusive property of  SimPRO Engineering® and are protected by international Copyright laws.

SimPRO Engineering® is a registered trademark.

Enjoy a new experience!

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