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  • Where do you deliver?
    We carry out the shipment All over the world. Currently, installation at the customer's home is carried out only in the territory of Italy.
  • How realistic are your simulators?
    Enough for good training, it is necessary, however, to make some considerations. In reality there are factors that can hardly be replicated, specifically acceleration and fear are sensations and emotions that particularly involve the body and the driver's reactions. Our Dynamic Driving Simulators are an excellent training compromise for the purposes of circuit knowledge and lap times, which is why fine-tuning is critical to achieving a rewarding virtual driving experience.
  • Is it complicated to use?
    Absolutely not. Our experience allows us to make specific configurations to achieve ease of use, it is only necessary to select the force feedback profile of the game and start it, nothing else.
  • Why are they so expensive?
    If we compare our products to those of Competitors, we can safely say that we are definitely more competitive. We use only the best components and materials by making from scratch to our own design. On the full Ready to Race configuration, the PC and driving peripherals provided (steering wheel pedals, etc.) are the best you can find on the market today, which is why they have a significant impact on cost.
  • Che paragoni potete fare tra i vostri simulatori ed altri in commercio?
    We are one of the few Companies that offer mid- to high-end turnkey products. Most Companies in this industry resell products from other suppliers while we make our Simulators and Motion System from scratch. We are working to produce some driving peripherals as well.
  • Where do I see the dimensions and overall dimensions?
    On the product page you will find pictures of the technical drawing with dimensions of the overall dimensions. If the data is not enough, please contact us at our e-mail
  • Does the Simulator come with cars and tracks?
    Only with our Ready to Race Simulators. PC configuration includes cars and tracks.
  • I can't decide on the simulator configuration
    Contact us for a personal consultation at
  • Is it possible to try the Simulator?
    Certainly. Contact us for a test at
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