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Code of Conduct

To ensure that the forums are an entertaining and informative place, we encourage you to ensure that your posts comply with the following Community Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions of Website Use.SimPRO Engineering®.

  • You must respect community members and avoid creating posts or conversations that are intimidating or insulting to other users. Online harassment and abuse such as trolling, flaming, conversation destruction, quote hacking, browser bombing, and impersonation are also prohibited.

  • Trolling is the deliberate posting of inflammatory, negative, or controversial messages in a conversation or forum, with the intent to cause destructive discussion or to make the troll the center of attention. Trolls often try to "bait" other forum members into violating the rules or making them behave embarrassingly towards themselves; We invite users not to be fooled or influenced by a troll.

  • To keep content at a friendly level, the use of vulgar or profane language is not permitted; this includes attempts to bypass automatic profanity filters and the use of slang acronyms that contain vulgar words.

  • Do not post anything that may be perceived as discriminatory, vulgar or offensive; for example, racist, sexist, pornographic, profane, vulgar, arrogant, objectionable or threatening content, and shocking images or websites.

  • Do not use the forums to identify and expose scammers or to start campaigns to expel other community members.

  • Spamming and flooding are not permitted, however heavy use of the forum is permitted, provided it is managed reasonably. Also avoid double postings and creating duplicate conversations.

  • Do not send chain letters, appeals, pyramid schemes and advertisements.

  • Do not post messages that support or condone any illegal activity, such as drug use, piracy, hacking, warez, etc.

  • Do not post content that could be considered defamatory.

  • Do not post copyrighted material to the forum, except material to which SimPRO Engineering® owns the rights. In essence, this means that sending entire materials in the form of published books, magazines, game guides, etc. is not allowed, as it may cause legal problems for users and SimPRO Engineering®.

  • For your safety online, NEVER provide personal details such as your email address, last name, mailing address or phone number in forums, and keep other information that personally identifies you private. SimPRO Engineering® staff will never ask their members for passwords.

  • Our moderators will remove large images that take a long time to load or cause disruption to the forum layout. To avoid having your images removed, make sure they comply. The max. size of files, images and videos must not exceed 2 Megabytes (MB).

These rules apply to all images, text and links submitted to the SimPRO Engineering® community or support forum. Users can help keep the forum a friendly place by sending notice of any violations or spam via email

If you intentionally or incidentally violate the Rules of Conduct, we reserve the right to edit or remove your post. Perseverance or excessive misconduct may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the ability to post. And because these rules cannot cover all behavior, we also reserve the right to remove any content or suspend your account without notice and solely in our discretion.

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