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Sistema di Movimento 3DOF - SPE-SP 100MM

SPE-SP 3DOF Motion System

SKU: SPE1021

The compact design and quiet operation make the 3DOF SPE-SP a perfect motion set for home applications that can be installed on various types of cockpits for racing simulation and flight simulation.

Configuration consisting of four actuators with 100 mm/3.93 in. or 150 mm/5.9 in. stroke, a power control box with an integrated motion controller. The 3DOF motion system is dedicated to all drivers who want a more realistic simulation with motion feedback that allows the driver to feel exactly what the vehicle is doing in real time, drivers can feel every detail including road surface vibrations, bumps, load transfer, etc.).


With the 3DOF set you can feel like in a real racing session right at home by perfectly replicating (roll, pitch, lift + lateral and longitudinal acceleration). With our motion system you can quickly and easily create extraordinary motion cockpits in a specially designed 3DOF setup, compatibility is guaranteed with most games available on the market.

  • All cockpits through universal brackets

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